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I really miss the mun and muse of the account askgrumpyleon. I feel like the RE fandom has lost out on a great gal and character. To this day I still read over her old rps and feel inspired.”

I just saw this because I haven’t been on here forever. Wow, it really touches me to read this. I’ve missed being on the RP side of tumblr. Though for those who still want to talk to me, I am over on my personal here. Thank you for this. Maybe someday I shall return here. That’s why I haven’t deleted or anything. It made my day to see this. 

Lol I’m always around everywhere. But yes, welcome back!

You are! I see you on my personal too. Thank you! :)

"Depressed? Do something that makes you happy!"






You don’t realize how much you miss people until you aren’t around them as much. But I come back and all my buddies are still here.

hunnigancanhelp replied to your post:Hello
//you are active again?! yay!

I am slowly getting back to tumblr. Haven’t rp’d in a bit. But I shall get there. Glad you are still here!

Great to see both going active again.

Thank you! I stepped away and did my thing. But I wanted to come back and talk to everyone and hang out again. It’s good to see you!




I just realized that not everyone from this account has added my personal. I’m spending more time there lately. Not that I’m leaving this account. Just have to get my head back into rp’ing and such. Anyways, if you want to add my personal account it’s kissmyoakenshield. Also I’ve lost some followers lately on both accounts, people who I’d never expect, so I am wondering if tumblr is unfollowing people again. If it says I unfollowed you please let me know and I shall fix that. The site has been really buggy so who knows. If you send me a message and don’t get a reply it’s likely been eaten. You can just tag me in a post or Skype me if you have it. Anyways, hope you’re all doing well and I love you guys!

Farewell for now

I’m going away from tumblr. Don’t know for how long. It’s not fun for me right now. It’s fucked up because I want to talk to people yet at the same time I don’t. So for now it’s best if I go. And I know you guys care about me. Thing is right now I don’t care. About me or much else. I’ll be back whenever I figure the time is right. I will miss you guys so much. I do have Skype and may be on there from time to time. Feel free to message me if you want to add me. Goodnight everyone. I hope that you will all be well. Farewell my friends.